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365 Days of Creativty – Day 4

I missed yesterday. Today not so creative. I have tons of ideas running through my head and a lot I want to do but too much I need to do. I’m really dragging on the need to do stuff.

Here is today’s quick and easy from my walk this morning.


I feel like I cheated. I think I did. It’s supposed to be a heart.

It was a beautiful walk. I was enjoying the breeze, the cool shade, the wildflowers and the birds. I saw some beautiful goldginches. I was also enjoying spending time with my 14 year old son. Maybe I can talk him into walking with me until school starts.

If it was in a park or something I probably would have took my time to make something but I feel weird sitting down in the middle of a neighborhood to play with nature. I’m not very brave.

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Day 3 of 365

Today’s prompt from 365 A Daily Creativity Journal is “Make something out of paper, but don’t use scissors or glue or draw on it…


This is what I did:


It’s a dress! Isn’t it obvious? The waistband didn’t workout the way I wanted. The paper was pretty strong and didn’t want to twist. I had some lighter translucent paper but I didn’t want a white or sheer “ribbon”

This book is interesting. Nothing I make is fabulous but it really gets my brain working. I start out with an idea but I keep changing directions. I don’t think you need to be an artist (I’m not) to learn and grow through the prompts in this book, or others like it.

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A while ago I bought this book — 365 A Daily Creativity Journal by Noah Scalin.


Yesterday I actually started it.

20180714_181545.jpgFor the Day 1 prompt I grabbed the sticky notes and tore out a flower. I guess I could have cut it because my pencil bag was right next to me but I didn’t think of it at the time. I thought it needed another layer so I tried tearing a ad into petals. I only managed 3. I thought it might work as the sepal but it didn’t. I noticed it kind of looked like a bird so decided to use it as a hummingbird. Yes, I know it doesn’t have the shape of a hummingbird. Just humor me. Then I decided it needed leaves so grabbed another sticky note for those. I added markings with some gel crayons. They were laying around because I bought them last week and had not opened them yet.

Yes it did fit in the palm of my hand.


This morning I did the Day 2 prompt


20180715_113400.jpgThe cat was already there I just added the face. I wish I left off the whiskers; they look ridiculous.

I did the bird with a chalkwriter and a galaxy marker. Oh, and an  orange copic for beak and legs. I used damp cotton balls to blend everything. I didn’t clean up the stray stuff before it dried so that’s why it’s smudgy outside. When going back to get a sharpie it occurred to me I should have grabbed a waterbrush so I could have had better control. That’s what happens when you don’t draw or paint for 10 years I guess. But it doesn’t bother me too much. Its not a canvas or anything.


Authentique deal at Tuesday Morning

I went to the Stamp & Scrap Expo at Dulles Expo Center 2 weeks ago. I do have stuff about that I want to post about, but right now I have a comparison.

As part of the crop goodie bag I got two $20 vouchers for a booth. One I used to get this Authentique “Explore” pack.

It was priced at $20. I made a concerted effort to not buy paper because I have tons already. I love this travel theme. I will most likely use the contents in my planners and journals. I would not normally spend $20 on a pack with so few items in it but since it was a free voucher I didn’t think too much about it as there wasn’t that much in the booth I was dying to get.

Fast forward to this morning and a trip to Tuesday Morning….

I found this cutest Authentique “Fabulous” pack.

The estimated value was $19.99, as above, but it was priced at $5.99. They also had another pack but I can’t remember what collection it was.

I LOVE this one. The only thing missing from it is pink poodles. My favorite papers are the pink polka dot, the cherries, and the scooters. I can’t wait to use the elements in my planner. Too cute!!

I just now opened it and I love the reverse side of the papers. I might have to go back and get another pack. I love these pink checks and atoms. Plus cherries on pink!! Still no poodles though. 😟


Woohoo! I found a pink poodle on two of the journal cards.

I love that cherry skirt. I wish I was thin so I could wear dresses like these.

Also, looking closer at the scooter paper, there are pink poodles. They are just difficult to see.


This collection is too cute!!

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I Need a Friend That ….

I am going through my Swap-Bot folder in My Documents. I’m keeping the pics and docs of stuff I sent. I’m keeping the pics of my favorite swaps I received. I’m deleting the rest. The docs I’m printing out to put in my personal history binder. I found this doc for a swap I did back in 2010. I think that was the last year I did any swaps… or maybe it was 2011. Now that I’m about done organizing my things I might join swaps again if anyone will let me. And do Postcrossing again. Anyway, most of the stuff in this is still valid, except the Facebook and Twitter links. I have a new FB and I don’t do Twitter at all anymore. I talk too much so Twitter does not work for me. 🙂 I copied and pasted rather than inserting media.


Hello everyone!


I need a friend that…


1.      Is nonjudgmental.

2.      Is around my age I do have friends younger and older than me, but I seem to do better with people my own age as we’re kind of in the same place in life.

3.      Is sidetracked, living in CHAOS, disorganized. If you know what CHAOS means than you probably are sidetracked like me 🙂

5.      Will walk with me (exercise). If not in real time then through accountability through email, Facebook, twitter or something.

6.      Will encourage and motivate me. Not in a pushy way though.

7.      Likes Facebook games, blog memes. Add me:

8.      Who actually reads, enjoys, comments on any blog posts, tweets, or Facebook posts that I write. I don’t write that many. I go to my family account only once or twice a month because no one there ever responds to anything I post.  (Slightly off track: I always wonder why people will read their friends or families blogs and then not comment. I see excuses like “I didn’t think they would want me to” or “they would be upset if they knew I was reading”. Why are they posting it for the whole world to see? Personally I would be slightly offended if an acquaintance or family came across a page of mine and didn’t at least say “Hi” Just my viewpoint)

9.      Is accepting of my beliefs and lifestyle. I don’t plan to convert anyone. I like to share but I’m not going to judge if you disagree. I would just like to be able to talk about things because that is part of who I am and what happens to be on my mind. I am not saying things to change you but just because it is part of me and affects the way I act and think.

10.   Shares the same interests. I like to craft (especially paper crafts) and sew. I like to read good books. I love road trips. There are so many other things. I just like to be doing something. Of course I love swapping 😉

11.  I feel comfortable talking to. (How do I rephrase that so it doesn’t end in a preposition?) I have a lot of social anxieties

12.  Will know it’s not the real me when my anxiety, hormones, depression, etc. act up. And will understand if I want to keep to myself at those times.

13.  Would like to Twitter FLYbaby stuff. I was just thinking of this the other day. The FLYLady group at Facebook has a discussion topic about FLYbuddies. People text each other to motivate you to stay on routines. I don’t text. I thought it would be nice if when someone did a mission, routine, or any housecleaning thing they could Tweet what they did and it would motivate the other person to go do something. Reporting on accomplishments usually gives a sense of obligation. So if anyone wants to join me on Twitter for that (or anything else) go here

14.  Has children (not necessary). It’s just nice to have someone to sympathize with


After all that, if I get comfortable someone I might actually write letters back and forth. Even if that is not the case, I think it would be great to be just online buddies and do the small chat and little things like games, tags, etc. Even though I am not comfortable opening up to a lot of people, I like most people. There are only a couple of people in my whole life that I can think of that I did not like. Out of all the people I’ve come across that is a very, very, very small percentage. So HELLO!





It’s been fun reading these questionnaire swaps from 10 years ago. It brings back memories.

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The Purpose of Nursery

Yes, I’m still here and yes, I’m still in Nursery. I was actually thinking of deleting the blog. I don’t how people find time for blogging. I have so much to do. But sometimes I’m working on something for Nursery or family history and think someone might find it useful.

I was working on the Nursery lesson for Sunday. It doesn’t take too much time anymore as most of the stuff is already done. So I have time for the extra stuff that I’ve always wanted to do. I thought I would make a sign about the purpose of Nursery as stated in the manual, “Behold Your Little Ones”. I think some people don’t understand what Nursery is and isn’t. This might help for those who are newly called to Nursery or just subbing for the day. It is definitely not a babysitting service. Maybe they should think up a different name for Nursery as the word “nursery” kind of implies that meaning. Anyway, it’s just black and white because I was printing on colored/patterned paper. I just got a frame from the Dollar Tree to display the sign. At the very least maybe it will inspire you to create your own 🙂


Here is the link to the printable: The Purpose of Nursery .doc or .pdf

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Organizing Media in Family Tree Maker

I use FTM for my genealogy. Over the past few days I have been working on organizing the media. I have over 8600 media items. Most of them are the source images from Ancestry. I leave the source images alone, but I do categorize them. For the rest of the media I’ve decided to edit the captions to make identifying them easier when I’m in the media view. I put the last name of the principal person in all caps at the beginning of the caption. FTM lists all the media alphabetically. If I have the last name first all my media will be alphabetized. There are some media where this method does not work. Those are very rare instances. I’ve been trying to make a note of those so I can attach them to other people in my tree later. For an example of the caption/indexing result here I am in the “Media” tab under “Collection” tab with the media category “Photos” selected.


While working in media, I have also been renaming files. Again, I am attempting to have them index alphabetically, not just in FTM but also in my Windows Explorer. I do not have them all named properly yet. Ideally the naming process will be lastnamefirstnames-birthyear-deathyear-descriptionifnecessary-01(etc.) As I cannot see the dates in the media view most of them do not have the birth and death years yet.


If there is a media item that has more than one person I will put the principal person first and then after their deathyear- I will put the other people firstnamelastname- and then the description, if necessary. For example, here are my grandparents. I need to go look up their birth and death years because I do not have them memorized.

Fullscreen capture 6162017 41059 PM

By naming my files this way, they index alphabetically and I know which person it refers to as there are a few people with the same name.

This is an extremely long process. I highly suggest deciding on a standard naming convention for your media files when you are just starting so you don’t have to go through this. I also have a few duplicate files that I need to delete.