>Mother’s Day Ideas for Nursery


  • May 2009 Friend Mom’s Surprise Helper (PDF file) For Little Friends picture story
  • When We’re Helping Were Happy  Children’s Songbook
  • We are a Happy Family  Children’s Songbook
  • Mothers in the Scriptures May 2008 Friend. This is a matching game. I am going to print out 8×11 pictures of each mother and write the statements on back and just read to the children.
  • Mother’s Day Card May 2003 Friend
  • Handprint Flower May 2001 Friend  (down at the bottom). I won’t be able to do it this year. We have over 10 children. It needs to be done the week before.
  • Dust Bunny May 1999 Friend. Another one for next year… or for lesson on Obedience or Family
  •  Mother is a Gardener May 1985 Friend… with coordinating craft Flower Bouquet Gift
  • Hat’s Off to Mother  May 1983 Friend. Poem with visual aid of mother with interchangeable hats.
Zoo Book May 1987 Friend… not for Mother’s Day… just something I want to make to have on hand for Nursery. Laminate the pictures of course 🙂

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