Cooking Adventures

Corn Tortillas for Dummies (aka Me)


I finally did it! I know, something as simple as tortillas. Typical. As long as I’ve been cooking you would think I’d be great at it by now.  I’ve made flour tortillas before no problem. Only I could have difficulties with corn tortillas. It started a month ago. I was going to make enchiladas and thought instead of buying tortillas as usual why don’t I save money and make them myself. I made two different attempts in a week’s time with two different corn flours. Both were failures and I had to throw both batches out. Money down the drain. 📉👎 Two weeks ago I bought Maseca, but kept procrastinating. Today I got up the nerve and success. I did the 2 cups harina and 1 1/2 cups water per package instructions. I found the dough stuck less if I let it sit for about half hour. I also had better success if I cooked one as soon as it came off the press instead of letting the uncooked tortillas sit on top of each other.


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