Cooking Adventures

Cracked Wheat?

I like nutty bread. I wanted to try a new recipe for seeded bread. It calls for cracked wheat. I thought I’d try cracking wheat berries on the coarse setting in my coffee grinder. It came out too fine. I have a Bosch Compact Mixer (I love it) and I have the blender attachment for it. I put some wheat berries in my blender and this is what happened:


I don’t know what to think. When I was growing up my mom would make cracked wheat cereal. I can’t remember what it looked like, though, before she cooked it. This blend did not come out very evenly, which I believe is typical. But I thought it would be a little more uniform than this. Many of the grains didn’t crack at all and others are pretty much pulverized. I am wondering if it will be alright as it is in the bread. The recipe makes four loaves and it only calls for 3/4 cup cracked wheat.

I’ll be making it tomorrow. I’m still in the process of grinding wheat. It takes a long time in my coffee grinder. If the coffee grinder gets too hot it won’t run and I have to wait 30 minutes or so to continue. I have to grind in batches and it takes a while. I need 9 cups of flour for the recipe. I also need to grind some flaxseed, but that will be easy.

If you don’t see a post about this tomorrow you will know this attempt at breadmaking has failed.


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