Christmas Time for Nursery

I love doing special things for my munchkins in Nursery. I knew I wanted to make them these Rice Krispy Treat Trees that I found.

Warning: Horrible photography ahead

My icing was too thick so I just used it as glue instead of making a garland. I couldn’t use peanut butter cups for the trunks because the kids are only 18-24 months old. I grabbed a small pouch of brownie mix and made brownie bites in my Mrs. Fields Little Cuties Pan. (I love this thing.) One is missing because I had to test it. 🙂


If I make these again I won’t fill the tins so full. The tops really need to be flat as they are the bottom of the tree. My trees were kind of wobbly. Lesson learned.

For the stars, I couldn’t find any star candies so I saw a pouch of dried pineapple. I flattened the pieces and then cut out stars with mini cutters.

minicutters They aren’t the prettiest things, but that’s okay, their pineapple stars make them fresh anyway. They’re my trees, my trees, mmmyyyy trees. (Move over Weird Al, please don’t sue me Boogie Boys.)


I also wanted to get them a little gift. I didn’t know what, though, so I headed off to the Dollar Tree.

I found these cute little books. The box they were in only had 9 but I was determined. After digging around throughout the entire book section (it was a mess) I found 4 more. Yay! What appropriate gifts for 18-24-month-olds. I was so happy I found them. I didn’t know if I’d be able to find anything for that age range.





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