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Throwback Thursday – Music

Between 1980 and 1986 I lived in San Diego, California—Murphy Canyon to be exact. That was when Qualcomm Stadium was known as Jack Murphy Stadium. My family was in the San Diego 14th Ward, San Diego California Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our meetinghouse was literally located on Zion. Zion Street to be exact. We loved that we went to church on Zion. I LOVED that ward. I still miss it. I had a difficult time as a teenager. I was mocked, ostracized, verbally bullied, etc at school. At church, it was different. I had my best friends and even the youth who weren’t my “friends” were still kind and I felt like part of a family, outside of my own of course. While I felt ugly all week, for some reason at church I felt like I was kind of okay and looked good. All wards should be like San Diego 14th was, at least the youth. I wish my children had that growing up. It has always been a source of pain to me that they did not get to experience that kind of joy.

One of my favorite memories of being in that ward was singing in the Young Women’s Chorus and the ward choir. We had so much fun. We had a lot of young women in our ward. Our uniform was a white blouse and red skirt. They were all different styles, but we were still unified. We sang at many places and had lots of good experiences. I listen to the Mormon Channel pretty much all day every day. I Heard Him Come was playing just now and it brought back memories of singing in San Diego so I stopped my closet organization project to blog about it. I don’t remember every song we sang but this was one of them. The other two that I specifically remember singing in ward choir were In The Hollow of Thy Hand and Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant. We sang In The Hollow of His Hand at every missionary farewell and of course, Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant at every missionary return. I still love both of them and they make my heart swell. To my great sorrow, I don’t think any of my boys will ever serve missions, maybe one day. But I still pray the lyrics of In The Hollow of Thy Hand for my children just for their life in general.

My childhood family life was pretty great in general. It was filled with music. We were always singing. (Just picture the Cunninghams on Happy Days, that was around the piano.) I spent a lot of time listening to my parents albums and reel-to-reel tapes. I loved listening to the soundtracks for the musicals and The Four Seasons. My mom would sing to us to get us to do things or when we weren’t behaving. There was a lot of “Let us Oft Speak Kind Words to Each Other” and “Sisters, Sisters”. Any one of us would start singing at a moment’s notice when something reminded us of a song… I still do that. When we weren’t singing with the choir or young women chorus we would be somewhere watching my mom sing in the group she was in. I was pretty lucky.

Well, back to work on the closet. Once I finish I will take a photo and post about it.


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