Family History

Homes of Orlando Merrill Moor

My great-grandfather Orlando Merrill Moor lived in this house from about 1910 to 1922. In 1900, he was living on Hope Street. I don’t know at what time his family moved from Hope Street to 23rd Street.  He married my great grandmother Hazel May Morrison in 1920 after his mother died. They lived in the house for a few years.

In 1926, they were living at 5346 Baltimore Street.

In 1928, they were living at 1725 N Avenue 53 and they were there until at least 1954.

I remember visiting my great-grandmother, but she didn’t live on 53rd anymore. I can’t remember the name of the street right now, but it was over by Olvera Street on a hill.

It was real interesting reviewing his information. I just realized that he didn’t get married until after both his parents died. Both his brothers were single throughout that time also. It makes me wonder what the family situation was. His mother died in Jan 1920. My great-grandparents got married in July 1920. His family had been living in Los Angeles since the 1880s. But my great-grandmother lived in Maine. I wonder why he went to Maine to find a wife? He is 18 years older than my great-grandmother.


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