Scripture Tabs for Nursery


I bought a basic paperback Bible and a Book of Mormon from the LDS store just to use for Nursery. I made these tabs with the lesson numbers to put on the pages of the scripture references for the lesson.  The numbers are 1-30. I will probably make another set with numbers 1-46 for other Primary lesson manuals. I am printing these out on sticker paper and cutting them out. They are not perfect. I didn’t line them up very well, but unless you were planning on using a paper trimmer I don’t think that is an issue. One day I will get my Silhouette. Right  now I will have to cut them out by hand.

I am also working on making stickers on transparent paper for the stories we use in lessons and underlining the verses and phrases we read out loud to the children during the lesson. It’s taking me a long time. By the time I finish I’ll probably have a new calling. When I finish I want to share but I am concerned because of the copyright issues of the church images. I’ll at least post a pic so you can see the end result.

You can download the file right here: ScriptureTabs



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