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New Workout DVD

I did a one mile workout on Leslie Sansone’s Four Fast Miles this morning.  I usually do 2 or 3 miles each weekday. My energy level today is really low though so I stopped after one mile. After lunch I decided to do another 30 minutes. Last Friday I bought this box set at Target for $19.99.


I bought it because I have been looking for the firming band. It sells separately for about $13. There are 3 DVD in the box. Luckily they are all ones I didn’t have. I used Walk it Off in 30 Days today.


This has two workouts, a 30 minute cardio and a 30 minute strength training. During the cardio, Leslie and some ithers used 2 pound hand weights. I eventually want to get some, but that is a future purchase.

I did the cardio. It has a slower pace than my usual workout to Four Fast Miles. It worked out great for my low energy level today. Another bonus with the slower pace is that I was able to do the variations like skater and cha-cha with my two left feet and still be able to keep up with Leslie and friends. What I didn’t like was that there were no mile markers.

Here are my band stats:


On 4/19 I burned 299 cals in 29m 43s with my Microsoft Band. Check out my full session!


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