Getting Organized

Yes. I am a Hoarder.

I have so many craft supplies it is ridiculous. I cannot possibly use them all in my lifetime.
I am especially a sticker whore-der.
The plan for tonight is to get this pile (don’t you just love the vintage ones?):


Organized and into my sticker binders:


I have a shoebox containing stickers I’ve pulled out to put in a container for nursery/primary, give away or sell. I think once I get this pile put away that will be it. I have two storage totes of paper I need to organize and put away. There might be some more stickers in those containers. There shouldn’t be too many though. My craft items have been in storage for abt six years. That is why I have such a big pile of loose stickers. I bought those while my other ones were in storage.  Like I said, I’m a sticker whore-der.


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