Getting Organized

Organizing My Fabric

I’ve slowly been organizing craft supplies. I spent most the day detangling and spooling ribbon. Except for some ribbon spools that are in my cropping box, I finally finished taking care of my ribbon and the boxes are stacked on a shelf. I should have took a photo… maybe tomorrow.

Last week I wrapped all my cotton fabrics on comic book boards. I’m sure you have seen this method all over Pinterest and the rest of the internet. I worked a little today on wrapping the satins, rayons, and other fancy fabric. Now I just need to do the flannels and home decor fabric.

I decided to put my fleece in vacuum bags. When I was at Wal-mart picking up more hangers I saw the MagicBag cube bags. I decided to try them. I wish I had used this brand before. I love it! No caps to try and twist on real quick before the air gets out. I decided to take a photo after using the vacuum on the first bag. Here is the photo of the second bag before vacuuming.


Here are both of the bags after vacuuming. I didn’t fill up the first bag as much.


I like the cube bags because I can stack the fleece neatly in it and when it is compressed I can see each cut of fleece. This fleece took up two big storage boxes. This has really saved a lot of space for me. I can fit these two cubes into one storage box and fit in other things has well.

I also use the space bags for yarn and craft socks. I plan on using them to store my fiberfill and t-shirts and other items I use for repurposing. That will be tomorrow.

The only thing I haven’t figured out is what to do with all of my felt.  If I ever finish organizing everything I will take photos of the results.

If I ever finish organizing everything I will take photos of the results.

I’ve been reading WIP Wednesay blog entries. Does this count as a WIP?


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