Craftiness for the Day

I signed up for a block of the month clubs at Shabby Fabrics. It’s a cute little calendar. I figured I could manage a block a month. We’ll see about that. 

I received February’s kit last week. I signed up for the laser cut kit and also bought separately the backing fabric.

The laser cut kit has all the pieces cutout with the fusible backing already applied.

Today I did the difficult part of cutting and sewing the background. I don’t think there is anyone who has more difficulties with a rotary cutter than I. It’s not perfectly square but hopefully it’s not too noticeable. This is the dreaded step that will cause me to procrastinate each month.

I peeled off the backing and attempted to arrange the pieces according to the photograph. They didn’t quite match up. I have to remind myself that handmade items are supposed to be special and unique.

All the pieces are now ironed on and I can do my favorite part…the hand applique. 

This should only take an evening but I plan on doing most of it sitting in the car waiting for my son to get out of school. It might take a while to finish the applique that way, but I will post updates. 


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