Jack-o-lantern Wall Quilt

While working on my block of the month, I saw the zip baggie with the materials for this quilt in a search for my applique bag. I didnt realize how much i had done on it over 10 years ago. I thought I  had cutting to do so I was pleasantly surprised. I figured since I had my sewing machine out I might as well get it done. Okay, that didn’t happen tonight but I made a lot of progress.

 I only had the bottom row left to piece. I had difficulty with this row with the mouth. I managed and got the strips together. Here they are ready for pressing.

The ironing took a long time. I almost decided to reserve quilting projects for winter as I was getting a bit toasty. 
The next step was to trim them and square them off. I was both elated and terrified at the same time. I wanted to trim off the uneven ends, but I have the cutting skills of a kindergartener. Filled with dread at the thought of getting my edges straight with the rotary cutter I went downstairs to get my cutting mat. What do I see in the corner of my eye but my guillotine. Yes, I went there. I may have committed quilting sacrilege but I now have somewhat square pumpkin blocks.

I started on the sashing strips but decided to save them for tomorrow as they need extra attention so all the bits will match up. I already need to frog one. (Am I allowed to use that term in regards to sewing?)

This is my progress for tonight:

Two pumpkin rows and one sashing strips that needs redoing. 


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