Nursery Lesson 3

Right now we only have three children in Nursery. One has not been here in a couple of weeks because her mom recently had a baby. I don’t know when she’ll come in. It’s been pretty quiet. Nursery is not my favorite place as it is but junior nursery is a bit boring. Theres not much you can do with 18 month old toddlers. I usually want to lay down and take a nap. The next child will be coming in the beginning of February and then it will be April until the next one. We’ll have eight by the end of the year.

I brought in two sensory bins which they played with for quite a while. Of course there were actual toys there for them to play with. I’m not that mean. I only bring out a few toys at a time though. When they get bored we put them away and pick out a new toy. We’re in a very tiny room so it helps keep things managable.

For the printable, instead of doing it as a flip book I made a mini book. I printed it out on colored cards took and cut out the bottom portion. 

I then folded it accordion style.

Then I glued the two valleys together 

To finish off the edges I used some colorful washi tape to “bind” the booklet.

I’m trying to get the printable to be something they can carry around and possibly use for reverence activities during Sacrament meeting. Not sure why I bother as I’m pretty sure they’re trashed once they get home. I need something to entertain myself with though.

I way overplanned the lesson. I didn’t do quite a few things I planned. Having them sit for five or ten minutes was a challenge enough. With only two it wasn’t too bad. Hopefully they will be trained by the time the next child comes in. 

Next week is a review week so I need to decide what to do. We might just watch videos, color and sing songs.


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