Nursery Lesson 02 – Heavenly Father Has a Plan for Me

I made cue cards for the lesson. I made a two-page template with four 3 ½ x 5 text boxes on a page. I printed them out and cut them out. I just used scissors here, even though I have three different paper trimmers. Just being lazy. I will probably redo them with a paper trimmer sometime today.


I still need to make cards for action songs and activity verses. Actually, I want to make objects for those so we can just pull some from a bag and do that. I just haven’t made time for it. I’m focusing on getting my house and yard taken care of so I don’t sit down to work on Nursery items until Saturday. That doesn’t give me much time to do extras. Once I am caught up (ha ha) I want to designate a time just to sit down and work on extra stuff.

This lesson is basically singing the first verse of I Am a Child of God and discussing each line. The manual uses two pictures. I printed them out on photo paper so I wouldn’t have to flip through the manual. I also printed out two posters from the Friend. Heavenly Father Prepared a Way for Me to Return to Him (just the first page) and Take My Hand Hold On Tight.

  • I am using the first poster for the first line of the song because it has a picture of the earth on it.
  • For the second line, the manual uses the picture of Jesus Christ. I will use that also but I plan on referring back to the first poster to discuss the things we can do to return to Him.
  • For the third line, I will use the picture of the family as stated in the manual.
  • For the fourth line, I will use the second poster as a visual. It shows an adult hand holding a child’s hand and following a path.

Optional Activities:

I don’t always do the optional activities but I like to have them prepared anyway. There are a lot of resources and Sugardoodle and Chicken Scratch have a lot of links but being in junior nursery most of them are too advanced for my kiddos. I usually just pick things I can use as visual aids with the lesson and maybe something to use as a handout. Always something from though as we are only supposed to use church approved materials in our lessons. I might print out file folder games or other activities made by other people to use during play time but not for lesson time.

I printed out the coloring page from the manual onto card stock so we can make mobiles out of them. I am in junior nursery so my children don’t really color. I probably should have printed it out on colored card stock and laminated it because of that. Oh well.

I also printed out two coloring pages from the Friend. I printed one and then put it back in the printer and printed the other one on the back side. I printed out a bunch of lesson summaries on one piece of sticker paper. I cut them out and covered up a section of text on one of the coloring pages. You can see that on the reverse of this coloring page is the other one I printed out.


These are the coloring pages I used. I did not want to link directly to the PDF files. To get the PDF files select the “download” links.


Note: I have the sharing link at my Google Docs set to view only. If you can’t download let me know and I will change it to edit also. I uploaded my Word Docs because they are easier to edit. I can publish them as PDFs and upload those also.


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