Getting Organized

Shoe Organization

Today I finally got around to taking photos to put on my shoe boxes. I bought these clear boxes so I could see the shoes without opening the box. However, my closet is dark so I couldn’t always tell what pair it was. I took pictures of all my heels and wedges today. Tomorrow I’ll do flats and boots. My flip flops are all in a bag together so I won’t bother with those.


After I took the pictures I transferred them to a folder labeled “Shoes” in my Pictures library. To print, I selected the “Share” tab at the top of the toolbar in Windows Explorer. I then pressed Ctrl-A to select all of the photos.  Back to the menu bar…I selected “Print”.




When the Print window opened I used the scroll bar on the right and scrolled to the bottom and selected “Contact Sheet”. This allows you to print 35 thumbnails on one piece of paper.

I put a sheet of sticker paper in the printer and printed them out. All that is left is to cut them out and apply to the appropriate shoe box. A paper trimmer would be great for this job, but as you can see in this blurry photo, I just used my scissors. ✂️

Getting Organized

Organizing My Fabric

I’ve slowly been organizing craft supplies. I spent most the day detangling and spooling ribbon. Except for some ribbon spools that are in my cropping box, I finally finished taking care of my ribbon and the boxes are stacked on a shelf. I should have took a photo… maybe tomorrow.

Last week I wrapped all my cotton fabrics on comic book boards. I’m sure you have seen this method all over Pinterest and the rest of the internet. I worked a little today on wrapping the satins, rayons, and other fancy fabric. Now I just need to do the flannels and home decor fabric.

I decided to put my fleece in vacuum bags. When I was at Wal-mart picking up more hangers I saw the MagicBag cube bags. I decided to try them. I wish I had used this brand before. I love it! No caps to try and twist on real quick before the air gets out. I decided to take a photo after using the vacuum on the first bag. Here is the photo of the second bag before vacuuming.


Here are both of the bags after vacuuming. I didn’t fill up the first bag as much.


I like the cube bags because I can stack the fleece neatly in it and when it is compressed I can see each cut of fleece. This fleece took up two big storage boxes. This has really saved a lot of space for me. I can fit these two cubes into one storage box and fit in other things has well.

I also use the space bags for yarn and craft socks. I plan on using them to store my fiberfill and t-shirts and other items I use for repurposing. That will be tomorrow.

The only thing I haven’t figured out is what to do with all of my felt.  If I ever finish organizing everything I will take photos of the results.

If I ever finish organizing everything I will take photos of the results.

I’ve been reading WIP Wednesay blog entries. Does this count as a WIP?

Getting Organized

Yes. I am a Hoarder.

I have so many craft supplies it is ridiculous. I cannot possibly use them all in my lifetime.
I am especially a sticker whore-der.
The plan for tonight is to get this pile (don’t you just love the vintage ones?):


Organized and into my sticker binders:


I have a shoebox containing stickers I’ve pulled out to put in a container for nursery/primary, give away or sell. I think once I get this pile put away that will be it. I have two storage totes of paper I need to organize and put away. There might be some more stickers in those containers. There shouldn’t be too many though. My craft items have been in storage for abt six years. That is why I have such a big pile of loose stickers. I bought those while my other ones were in storage.  Like I said, I’m a sticker whore-der.