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The Purpose of Nursery

Yes, I’m still here and yes, I’m still in Nursery. I was actually thinking of deleting the blog. I don’t how people find time for blogging. I have so much to do. But sometimes I’m working on something for Nursery or family history and think someone might find it useful.

I was working on the Nursery lesson for Sunday. It doesn’t take too much time anymore as most of the stuff is already done. So I have time for the extra stuff that I’ve always wanted to do. I thought I would make a sign about the purpose of Nursery as stated in the manual, “Behold Your Little Ones”. I think some people don’t understand what Nursery is and isn’t. This might help for those who are newly called to Nursery or just subbing for the day. It is definitely not a babysitting service. Maybe they should think up a different name for Nursery as the word “nursery” kind of implies that meaning. Anyway, it’s just black and white because I was printing on colored/patterned paper. I just got a frame from the Dollar Tree to display the sign. At the very least maybe it will inspire you to create your own 🙂


Here is the link to the printable: The Purpose of Nursery .doc or .pdf


Nursery Lesson 02 – Heavenly Father Has a Plan for Me

I made cue cards for the lesson. I made a two-page template with four 3 ½ x 5 text boxes on a page. I printed them out and cut them out. I just used scissors here, even though I have three different paper trimmers. Just being lazy. I will probably redo them with a paper trimmer sometime today.


I still need to make cards for action songs and activity verses. Actually, I want to make objects for those so we can just pull some from a bag and do that. I just haven’t made time for it. I’m focusing on getting my house and yard taken care of so I don’t sit down to work on Nursery items until Saturday. That doesn’t give me much time to do extras. Once I am caught up (ha ha) I want to designate a time just to sit down and work on extra stuff.

This lesson is basically singing the first verse of I Am a Child of God and discussing each line. The manual uses two pictures. I printed them out on photo paper so I wouldn’t have to flip through the manual. I also printed out two posters from the Friend. Heavenly Father Prepared a Way for Me to Return to Him (just the first page) and Take My Hand Hold On Tight.

  • I am using the first poster for the first line of the song because it has a picture of the earth on it.
  • For the second line, the manual uses the picture of Jesus Christ. I will use that also but I plan on referring back to the first poster to discuss the things we can do to return to Him.
  • For the third line, I will use the picture of the family as stated in the manual.
  • For the fourth line, I will use the second poster as a visual. It shows an adult hand holding a child’s hand and following a path.

Optional Activities:

I don’t always do the optional activities but I like to have them prepared anyway. There are a lot of resources and Sugardoodle and Chicken Scratch have a lot of links but being in junior nursery most of them are too advanced for my kiddos. I usually just pick things I can use as visual aids with the lesson and maybe something to use as a handout. Always something from though as we are only supposed to use church approved materials in our lessons. I might print out file folder games or other activities made by other people to use during play time but not for lesson time.

I printed out the coloring page from the manual onto card stock so we can make mobiles out of them. I am in junior nursery so my children don’t really color. I probably should have printed it out on colored card stock and laminated it because of that. Oh well.

I also printed out two coloring pages from the Friend. I printed one and then put it back in the printer and printed the other one on the back side. I printed out a bunch of lesson summaries on one piece of sticker paper. I cut them out and covered up a section of text on one of the coloring pages. You can see that on the reverse of this coloring page is the other one I printed out.


These are the coloring pages I used. I did not want to link directly to the PDF files. To get the PDF files select the “download” links.


Note: I have the sharing link at my Google Docs set to view only. If you can’t download let me know and I will change it to edit also. I uploaded my Word Docs because they are easier to edit. I can publish them as PDFs and upload those also.


LDS Nursery Information Sheets

I am kind of working on nursery items for next year. I wanted to make a display board that includes the schedule, “no sick nursery”, and a couple other items. I was searching for ideas but have yet to find one. I guess I will make one up on my own. I did find an idea for a nursery information sheet so I decided to make one on my own. It is very simple, no cute designs or anything like that. I didn’t know if I wanted to make individual sheets or keep them all on one sheet so I set up documents for both.

Here is one if you want to make individual sheets for the parents to fill out. Click on the image to get the PDF download from Google Docs.

nursery-information-sheetThis sheet is for keeping in a binder (or just stapling together). I have 2 pages in the document so you can print on both sides. Again, click on the image for a link to the PDF file at Google Docs.



Scripture Tabs for Nursery


I bought a basic paperback Bible and a Book of Mormon from the LDS store just to use for Nursery. I made these tabs with the lesson numbers to put on the pages of the scripture references for the lesson.  The numbers are 1-30. I will probably make another set with numbers 1-46 for other Primary lesson manuals. I am printing these out on sticker paper and cutting them out. They are not perfect. I didn’t line them up very well, but unless you were planning on using a paper trimmer I don’t think that is an issue. One day I will get my Silhouette. Right  now I will have to cut them out by hand.

I am also working on making stickers on transparent paper for the stories we use in lessons and underlining the verses and phrases we read out loud to the children during the lesson. It’s taking me a long time. By the time I finish I’ll probably have a new calling. When I finish I want to share but I am concerned because of the copyright issues of the church images. I’ll at least post a pic so you can see the end result.

You can download the file right here: ScriptureTabs



Christmas Time for Nursery

I love doing special things for my munchkins in Nursery. I knew I wanted to make them these Rice Krispy Treat Trees that I found.

Warning: Horrible photography ahead

My icing was too thick so I just used it as glue instead of making a garland. I couldn’t use peanut butter cups for the trunks because the kids are only 18-24 months old. I grabbed a small pouch of brownie mix and made brownie bites in my Mrs. Fields Little Cuties Pan. (I love this thing.) One is missing because I had to test it. 🙂


If I make these again I won’t fill the tins so full. The tops really need to be flat as they are the bottom of the tree. My trees were kind of wobbly. Lesson learned.

For the stars, I couldn’t find any star candies so I saw a pouch of dried pineapple. I flattened the pieces and then cut out stars with mini cutters.

minicutters They aren’t the prettiest things, but that’s okay, their pineapple stars make them fresh anyway. They’re my trees, my trees, mmmyyyy trees. (Move over Weird Al, please don’t sue me Boogie Boys.)


I also wanted to get them a little gift. I didn’t know what, though, so I headed off to the Dollar Tree.

I found these cute little books. The box they were in only had 9 but I was determined. After digging around throughout the entire book section (it was a mess) I found 4 more. Yay! What appropriate gifts for 18-24-month-olds. I was so happy I found them. I didn’t know if I’d be able to find anything for that age range.





>Mother’s Day Ideas for Nursery


  • May 2009 Friend Mom’s Surprise Helper (PDF file) For Little Friends picture story
  • When We’re Helping Were Happy  Children’s Songbook
  • We are a Happy Family  Children’s Songbook
  • Mothers in the Scriptures May 2008 Friend. This is a matching game. I am going to print out 8×11 pictures of each mother and write the statements on back and just read to the children.
  • Mother’s Day Card May 2003 Friend
  • Handprint Flower May 2001 Friend  (down at the bottom). I won’t be able to do it this year. We have over 10 children. It needs to be done the week before.
  • Dust Bunny May 1999 Friend. Another one for next year… or for lesson on Obedience or Family
  •  Mother is a Gardener May 1985 Friend… with coordinating craft Flower Bouquet Gift
  • Hat’s Off to Mother  May 1983 Friend. Poem with visual aid of mother with interchangeable hats.
Zoo Book May 1987 Friend… not for Mother’s Day… just something I want to make to have on hand for Nursery. Laminate the pictures of course 🙂