Holly Journals Subscription Box

One of my guilty pleasures. I’ve  had a subscription to this box for a couple of months. I would have shared earlier, but I feel it is an indulgence and I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I spend this much money each month on a handmade journal. The journal definitely lives up to the cost but I don’t have the budget of a “Real Housewife”. This month I felt I had to share because of the personal touch included in the box. 
For the month of May, Holly created a travel journal. My first thought, “Great. The one year I’m not making two cross-country trips.” But as always it is gorgeous. 

And every few pages is a section filled with various ephemera, envelopes, bags and/or smaller bits of paper.

Each month she includes a loose sheet of journal prompts. This month she also included a sheet of photo opps inside the journal.

I was pleasantly surprised today to find this charming pendant personalized with my town! 

The journal box ALWAYS arrives by the first of the month. I opened the box when it arrived but not the little packets inside. I’ve been really busy, and exhausted, with yard work this month. That is why I am just opening the “little” bits today. The box also includes a little sweet. This month it is a mini altoids tin.

I love Holly Journals. I always intend to journal but I struggle, as with everything else, on making it a daily habit. These journals are just the right size to use up in a month. I didn’t journal this month because a topical journal was sent. With the way the month has been going I don’t know if I would have journalled anyway. I did go to two events the past two Saturdays so those will be definitely recorded in this travel journal.

Holly Journals are so beautiful I love opening them up every day. Having the various ephemera in them gives me plenty of space for including pictures, recording notes and lists, and making focused journal entries rather than just my daily thoughts. Yes, it is a luxury, but it will be one of the last things to get cut from the budget if the need arises.

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New Workout DVD

I did a one mile workout on Leslie Sansone’s Four Fast Miles this morning.  I usually do 2 or 3 miles each weekday. My energy level today is really low though so I stopped after one mile. After lunch I decided to do another 30 minutes. Last Friday I bought this box set at Target for $19.99.


I bought it because I have been looking for the firming band. It sells separately for about $13. There are 3 DVD in the box. Luckily they are all ones I didn’t have. I used Walk it Off in 30 Days today.


This has two workouts, a 30 minute cardio and a 30 minute strength training. During the cardio, Leslie and some ithers used 2 pound hand weights. I eventually want to get some, but that is a future purchase.

I did the cardio. It has a slower pace than my usual workout to Four Fast Miles. It worked out great for my low energy level today. Another bonus with the slower pace is that I was able to do the variations like skater and cha-cha with my two left feet and still be able to keep up with Leslie and friends. What I didn’t like was that there were no mile markers.

Here are my band stats:


On 4/19 I burned 299 cals in 29m 43s with my Microsoft Band. Check out my full session!