Finished – “Love Life” Embroidery

Finally! I did most of it last summer while on vacation. I just recently picked it back up. I’ve been busy with other things so haven’t done much sewing. Just need to iron it and find a nice frame. It is a kit from Dimensions that I picked up at Hobby Lobby in Logan…or maybe the one in Idaho Falls.  There was plenty of floss, which is a good thing because on stitches that required 3 or 4 strands some of the colors kept breaking. šŸ¤

Now that this is out of the way I can do the appliquƩ on my block of the month club blocks. The kit for March came on Saturday so I need to get that cut and pieced. I should be able to get appliquƩ done on both by the end of February. So I am just slightly behind.


Wall Quilt Progress 1

Today I finished the pieced sashing and sewed on the Yellow sashing. It took me a while to get the pieced sashing sewn and attached properly. I got one border piece attached and one pinned on. I’m pretty sure I was supposed to miter the corners, but I’m not doing that. I’ll finish sewing the border on Monday. I don’t know when I’m putting the backing on as I’m considering adding some appliques. I was also thinking of some embellishments but can’t remember if they go on before or after the quilting. I am hand quilting so I think they can go on before. I guess it just depends on the placement. Or I will leave it as is. 


Jack-o-lantern Wall Quilt

While working on my block of the month, I saw the zip baggie with the materials for this quilt in a search for my applique bag. I didnt realize how much i had done on it over 10 years ago. I thought I  had cutting to do so I was pleasantly surprised. I figured since I had my sewing machine out I might as well get it done. Okay, that didn’t happen tonight but I made a lot of progress.

 I only had the bottom row left to piece. I had difficulty with this row with the mouth. I managed and got the strips together. Here they are ready for pressing.

The ironing took a long time. I almost decided to reserve quilting projects for winter as I was getting a bit toasty. 
The next step was to trim them and square them off. I was both elated and terrified at the same time. I wanted to trim off the uneven ends, but I have the cutting skills of a kindergartener. Filled with dread at the thought of getting my edges straight with the rotary cutter I went downstairs to get my cutting mat. What do I see in the corner of my eye but my guillotine. Yes, I went there. I may have committed quilting sacrilege but I now have somewhat square pumpkin blocks.

I started on the sashing strips but decided to save them for tomorrow as they need extra attention so all the bits will match up. I already need to frog one. (Am I allowed to use that term in regards to sewing?)

This is my progress for tonight:

Two pumpkin rows and one sashing strips that needs redoing. 


Craftiness for the Day

I signed up for a block of the month clubs at Shabby Fabrics. It’s a cute little calendar. I figured I could manage a block a month. We’ll see about that. 

I received February’s kit last week. I signed up for the laser cut kit and also bought separately the backing fabric.

The laser cut kit has all the pieces cutout with the fusible backing already applied.

Today I did the difficult part of cutting and sewing the background. I don’t think there is anyone who has more difficulties with a rotary cutter than I. It’s not perfectly square but hopefully it’s not too noticeable. This is the dreaded step that will cause me to procrastinate each month.

I peeled off the backing and attempted to arrange the pieces according to the photograph. They didn’t quite match up. I have to remind myself that handmade items are supposed to be special and unique.

All the pieces are now ironed on and I can do my favorite part…the hand applique. 

This should only take an evening but I plan on doing most of it sitting in the car waiting for my son to get out of school. It might take a while to finish the applique that way, but I will post updates.