Nursery Lesson 02 – Heavenly Father Has a Plan for Me

I made cue cards for the lesson. I made a two-page template with four 3 ½ x 5 text boxes on a page. I printed them out and cut them out. I just used scissors here, even though I have three different paper trimmers. Just being lazy. I will probably redo them with a paper trimmer sometime today.


I still need to make cards for action songs and activity verses. Actually, I want to make objects for those so we can just pull some from a bag and do that. I just haven’t made time for it. I’m focusing on getting my house and yard taken care of so I don’t sit down to work on Nursery items until Saturday. That doesn’t give me much time to do extras. Once I am caught up (ha ha) I want to designate a time just to sit down and work on extra stuff.

This lesson is basically singing the first verse of I Am a Child of God and discussing each line. The manual uses two pictures. I printed them out on photo paper so I wouldn’t have to flip through the manual. I also printed out two posters from the Friend. Heavenly Father Prepared a Way for Me to Return to Him (just the first page) and Take My Hand Hold On Tight.

  • I am using the first poster for the first line of the song because it has a picture of the earth on it.
  • For the second line, the manual uses the picture of Jesus Christ. I will use that also but I plan on referring back to the first poster to discuss the things we can do to return to Him.
  • For the third line, I will use the picture of the family as stated in the manual.
  • For the fourth line, I will use the second poster as a visual. It shows an adult hand holding a child’s hand and following a path.

Optional Activities:

I don’t always do the optional activities but I like to have them prepared anyway. There are a lot of resources and Sugardoodle and Chicken Scratch have a lot of links but being in junior nursery most of them are too advanced for my kiddos. I usually just pick things I can use as visual aids with the lesson and maybe something to use as a handout. Always something from though as we are only supposed to use church approved materials in our lessons. I might print out file folder games or other activities made by other people to use during play time but not for lesson time.

I printed out the coloring page from the manual onto card stock so we can make mobiles out of them. I am in junior nursery so my children don’t really color. I probably should have printed it out on colored card stock and laminated it because of that. Oh well.

I also printed out two coloring pages from the Friend. I printed one and then put it back in the printer and printed the other one on the back side. I printed out a bunch of lesson summaries on one piece of sticker paper. I cut them out and covered up a section of text on one of the coloring pages. You can see that on the reverse of this coloring page is the other one I printed out.


These are the coloring pages I used. I did not want to link directly to the PDF files. To get the PDF files select the “download” links.


Note: I have the sharing link at my Google Docs set to view only. If you can’t download let me know and I will change it to edit also. I uploaded my Word Docs because they are easier to edit. I can publish them as PDFs and upload those also.


Finished – “Love Life” Embroidery

Finally! I did most of it last summer while on vacation. I just recently picked it back up. I’ve been busy with other things so haven’t done much sewing. Just need to iron it and find a nice frame. It is a kit from Dimensions that I picked up at Hobby Lobby in Logan…or maybe the one in Idaho Falls.  There was plenty of floss, which is a good thing because on stitches that required 3 or 4 strands some of the colors kept breaking. 🤐

Now that this is out of the way I can do the appliqué on my block of the month club blocks. The kit for March came on Saturday so I need to get that cut and pieced. I should be able to get appliqué done on both by the end of February. So I am just slightly behind.

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Recent Articles on Thomas and Hannah (Emerson) Duston

A few months ago I decided to join The Essex Society of Genealogists. This society was formed in 1981 and is located in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. This morning I am reading a couple of their issues from last year that are available online for members. I enjoy reading genealogical periodicals even when I find no information about my family because I like to see the research methodology and learning history is always fun.

Anyway, I need to order a physical copy of Volume 36, Issue 3 published in August 2016. Emerson W. Baker presented a lecture on the Salem witch trials which is quite interesting. He presented some interesting ideas that are not always included in other books on the subject. He also has created the Salem Witch Trials app. However, as interesting as the lecture was it is not the main reason I NEED this issue. Chris Bailey (former genealogist for the Duston/Dustin Family Association) submitted two articles. The first is “The Documented Story of Hannah Duston”. In it, he focuses on contemporary sources of Hannah (Emerson) Duston’s experiences and not the accounts that were written several generations later. It was quite informative. I loved reading the transcriptions of old documents and letters. There was information regarding the family I had not seen before. (I have to say I am guilty of not researching the New England lines of my family like I should. I do have dates and names that I acquired through family records from close to 100 years ago. I definitely need to learn more about the history behind the names. As Hannah is a bit of a celebrity I do know a bit of her history, as well as her sister Elizabeth Emerson, but not so much other people in my tree.) The second article is “The Homes of Thomas and Hannah Duston and the True Duston Garrison House”. I learned a few new things from this article also. I did not know (or remember?)  that Thomas Duston was a brickmaker. The major point in this article (for me) is that the Duston Garrison House in Haverhill did not actually belong to Thomas Duston but was built by Henry Kimball, Jr. It was purchased later in 1698 by Stephen Emerson who married Thomas and Hannah’s daughter Elizabeth. Hannah did live there a year or so at the end of her life under the care of her daughter and stepson. She may have actually died there. But, no, it is not the Duston Garrison House as we once thought.

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Royal Deserter

My 6th great grandfather is Jacob Royal of North Yarmouth, Maine. He married Hannah Brown. One of their children, Peter Royall, was baptized 13 April 1777 in North Yarmouth. While searching for someone else in my tree at Find My Past, I saw the name Peter Royal pop up in the search results. I had to look of course.

Here is my transcription of a portion of the article:

Found in Newport Mercury, May 12, 1795 (Tuesday)

Twenty Dollars Reward
DESERTED from the Detachment of
the Corps of Artiller(??) and Engineers, at Goat
Island, on Saturday Evening, (9 May 1795)

PETER ROYAL, Private Soldier,
Eighteen Years of Age, 5 Feet, 4 Inches, black Eyes,
short black curling Hair, — born in the Town of North-
Yarmouth, Province of Maine — A.(??)

According to the article, there is a reward of $10 for Peter and the other $10 for his fellow deserter Henry Starks of Lyons, New Hampshire
Peter was baptized in North Yarmouth in Apr 1777 so he would be 18 at this time.

Next step is to research any other Peter Royals of North Yarmouth of that time.


Nursery Lesson 3

Right now we only have three children in Nursery. One has not been here in a couple of weeks because her mom recently had a baby. I don’t know when she’ll come in. It’s been pretty quiet. Nursery is not my favorite place as it is but junior nursery is a bit boring. Theres not much you can do with 18 month old toddlers. I usually want to lay down and take a nap. The next child will be coming in the beginning of February and then it will be April until the next one. We’ll have eight by the end of the year.

I brought in two sensory bins which they played with for quite a while. Of course there were actual toys there for them to play with. I’m not that mean. I only bring out a few toys at a time though. When they get bored we put them away and pick out a new toy. We’re in a very tiny room so it helps keep things managable.

For the printable, instead of doing it as a flip book I made a mini book. I printed it out on colored cards took and cut out the bottom portion. 

I then folded it accordion style.

Then I glued the two valleys together 

To finish off the edges I used some colorful washi tape to “bind” the booklet.

I’m trying to get the printable to be something they can carry around and possibly use for reverence activities during Sacrament meeting. Not sure why I bother as I’m pretty sure they’re trashed once they get home. I need something to entertain myself with though.

I way overplanned the lesson. I didn’t do quite a few things I planned. Having them sit for five or ten minutes was a challenge enough. With only two it wasn’t too bad. Hopefully they will be trained by the time the next child comes in. 

Next week is a review week so I need to decide what to do. We might just watch videos, color and sing songs.


Wall Quilt Progress 1

Today I finished the pieced sashing and sewed on the Yellow sashing. It took me a while to get the pieced sashing sewn and attached properly. I got one border piece attached and one pinned on. I’m pretty sure I was supposed to miter the corners, but I’m not doing that. I’ll finish sewing the border on Monday. I don’t know when I’m putting the backing on as I’m considering adding some appliques. I was also thinking of some embellishments but can’t remember if they go on before or after the quilting. I am hand quilting so I think they can go on before. I guess it just depends on the placement. Or I will leave it as is. 


Jack-o-lantern Wall Quilt

While working on my block of the month, I saw the zip baggie with the materials for this quilt in a search for my applique bag. I didnt realize how much i had done on it over 10 years ago. I thought I  had cutting to do so I was pleasantly surprised. I figured since I had my sewing machine out I might as well get it done. Okay, that didn’t happen tonight but I made a lot of progress.

 I only had the bottom row left to piece. I had difficulty with this row with the mouth. I managed and got the strips together. Here they are ready for pressing.

The ironing took a long time. I almost decided to reserve quilting projects for winter as I was getting a bit toasty. 
The next step was to trim them and square them off. I was both elated and terrified at the same time. I wanted to trim off the uneven ends, but I have the cutting skills of a kindergartener. Filled with dread at the thought of getting my edges straight with the rotary cutter I went downstairs to get my cutting mat. What do I see in the corner of my eye but my guillotine. Yes, I went there. I may have committed quilting sacrilege but I now have somewhat square pumpkin blocks.

I started on the sashing strips but decided to save them for tomorrow as they need extra attention so all the bits will match up. I already need to frog one. (Am I allowed to use that term in regards to sewing?)

This is my progress for tonight:

Two pumpkin rows and one sashing strips that needs redoing.