Family History

Delbert M Olsen


This is my great grandfather Delbert M Olsen. He died in 1957… several years before I was born. When I was growing up I always felt he and my great grandmother Lydia were watching over me, my guardian angels. Yes, I do believe everyone has a guardian angel. I was always concerned with my behavior because I didn’t, still don’t, want to disappoint them. I didn’t know anything about them, though.

Tonight I was reading memories written by my Aunt Ina about her dad. My heart is so full and I am tearing up. I wish I had known him in this life. He was such a loving, wonderful man. He loved his family so much and he was such a hard worker.

He was born in Gunnison, Utah. When he was 6 his family made the long journey to Otto, Wyoming. They had to stop at a couple of places along the way so my great-great-grandpa could work to earn money for the rest of the journey. Even though he was only 6, he and his 8-year-old brother were responsible for the cattle. He and his brother walked from Gunnison, Utah to Otto, Wyoming driving the cattle. I cannot imagine my sons doing that at such an early age… or even now for that matter.

Most of the love in my heart for him comes from the stories of his family relationships which my Aunt Ina shared, I am not going to write down them down here. I never met him, but I think he is one of the people I love most. I am so lucky to be an Olsen and also a Marcus because my great-grandpa and grandma Marcus were the most loving, gentle people there could ever be… as are my grandma and her brothers. I am so lucky to come from the family I do. I wish I was a better person so I could have them be proud of me.


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